High travel speeds, high translation rates, high efficiency, high stability and high load capacity with minimal volume!

The combination of the “screw” and “planetary gear” principles gives great variability and optimization of the design. Under this principle an electric cylinder with an ASCA servo screw does not generally need an additional gear unit.


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The specific advantages of this innovative construction include the ability to use a lead of only 1 mm without any problem. The result is very high translation rates and efficiency levels of up to 90 % are achieved despite the small lead. So small, lightweight motors can be used to generate very high forces.

The ASCA servo screw is ideally suited for dynamic drive solutions because it is backlash-free. The translation ratio from rotational to linear motion can be set within wide limits by varying the screw lead.

The ASCA servo screw is suitable for both dynamic applications and creep movements. High travel rates can be reached due to great high speed capability and the use of greater leads.

The ASCA servo screw is also superior to traditional ball and roller screw systems at short strokes.

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