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SERAC® XH12 – Screw unit with integrated guide and travel measurement

  • 1 Output rod end with internal thread (M16
  • 2 Mounting flange with with tapped holes (M8)
  • 3 Optional safety limit switches
  • 4 Direct travel measurement for maximum positioning accuracy under load
  • 5 Guide with locking element
  • 6 ASCA servo screw
  • 7 Lubricating nipple for ASCA servo spindle
  • 8 Play-free bearing assembly
  • 9 Electrical connection (travel measurement)
  • 10 Shaft end for motor coupling
  • 11 Tapped hole for motor adapter


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Performance data

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Dimensions and stroke lengths

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Motor adapter

Adapter version depending on selected servo motor


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Data download

SERAC® XHM12 data download


Stroke 50:    SERAC XHM12-050>
Stroke 100:  SERAC XHM12-100>
Stroke 150:  SERAC XHM12-150>

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