The servo controls should preferably be high-performance controllers from LTi, but it is also possible to use controllers of your choice for the drive control. The hardware and software in the ServoOne servo controller range offer unrestricted use of the specific dynamics of the SERAC® electric cylinders.


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Short profile ServoOne:

Two series for customized solutions
The servo controllers in the ServoOne and ServoOne junior series are used.

High-speed communication
Via popular field bus interfaces such as PROFIBUS, EtherCAT®,

High-performance control
For precise and dynamic linear motion.

Optional integration of iPLC to IEC 61131
Allows rapid adaptation to the actual application with direct access to the drive controller peripherals.

Integrated functional safety
STO (Safe Torque Off) as standard. Other functions are available as options.

Compact size
For optimum control cabinet utilizationg.




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