The Automatic Springless Tool Clamping ­System KVSL for Grinding Spindles

This new developed tool clamping system is functioning without springs. The pneumatic two-way power cylinder SLE transfers the pull force via a freewheel pull-bar directly to the piston of the mechanical intensifier KV. The piston acts directly on the tool gripper and locks self-impeding the tool in clamping position. The releasing of the tool is carried out by a reverse force created by the two-way power cylinder SLE.The automatic tool clamping system KVSL can only be operated with Ortlieb TG tool grippers.


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The Mechanical Intensifying and Locking Unit KV with Post-Clamping Effect

This new developed intensifier converts the pull-force with factor 1:3 in clamping force via a key-system. The system locks self-impeding when clamping. A controlled force impulse is sufficient in order to overcome the self-impeding and to release the system.


Your benefit:

  • Simple to integrate by means of compact dimensions
  • Safe clamping by means of high power gear ratio of 1:9 at HSK
  • Constant clamping force via self-impeding and post-clamping effect of the safety spring


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The Pneumatic Clamp/Release Unit SLE with Freewheel

The pneumatic clamp/release unit is operating with a freewheel pull-bar. Therefore it is assured that the SLE is uncoupled at the spindle operation. The clamp/release unit SLE can only be operated with Ortlieb intensifier KV.


Your benefit:

  • Simple to integrate by means of compact dimensions
  • Safe clamping and releasing by means of position control via inductive position measuring system
  • It is possible to integrate a coolant rotary feedthrough
  • Different installation modifications are possible


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