The Ortlieb solution in clamping technology for Industry 4.0


When permanently installed in the machine tool, the clamping force, clamping force control, status and the stop can be monitored electronically. VarioLine – perfect networking in the meaning of Industry 4.0.


Targeted monitoring and control lead to efficient use of the machine. Ideal for unmanned and series production. Identify and enhance potential.


Electronic drive technology now also incorporated in clamping technology. Save money compared to energy-intensive monitoring using compressed air.

Maximum flexibility

For mobile or stationary use, or in the modular conversion from internal to external clamping. A practical additional function of the VarioLine for increasing the number of potential applications.

Individually (electronically) adjustable clamping force and monitoring of position and workpiece system

Stationary use

The electromechanical Ortlieb VLe clamping unit is ideally suited for use as a clamping device for stationary clamping of workpieces in drilling, milling and machining centres.

Mobile use

The Ortlieb VarioLine VLe can also be used for automated external loading using robots or automated pallet handling. Ideally suited for series production.

Modular external and internal clamping

An additional function provided by the VarioLine allows quick and easy conversion from external to internal clamping. The chuck body and clamping element are replaced in order to do this but the basic module stays the same.

Monitoring the clamping force, position and workpiece system

With the VarioLine, the clamping force is built up and the clamping position monitored indirectly by means of the servomotor's current control system or optionally by means of force sensors in the chuck body. The clamping force is maintained by means of frictional engagement via the self-retention mechanism in the planetary rolling contact gears, even with the servomotor switched off.

There is the optional possibility of monitoring and correcting the clamping force on the workpiece via the servo controller during the machining process. The position of the workpiece in relation to the contact surface on the clamping device can also be monitored if requested. This measurement is performed using the inductive or capacitive sensors in the chuck body. Ideal conditions for Industry 4.0 integration.

Sizes and custom solutions

Ortlieb's VarioLine VLe stationary clamping unit is available in three basic sizes and two versions as well as with a wide selection of clamping ranges. Custom solutions are the rule rather than the exception at Ortlieb.

Clamping deviceBAHmax.
Tensile force
Clamping force
Power rating
VLe-O 32/424 – 42GT32 – 42160100160 – 17045901,3
VLe-I 3018 – 35CG30160100250451401,3
VLe-O 52/654 – 65GT52 – 65210180
VLe-I 50/8030 – 80CG50 – 80210180280 – 290652102
VLe-O 80/10010 – 100GT80 – 100240200195 – 215801651,5
VLe-I 100/13070 – 130CG100 – 130240200310 – 330802601,5

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