Drive systems with maximum power density.

The ASCA servo spindle now provides a real alternative for applications that were previously reliant on hydraulic drives. The basis for this is the technology used in the planetary rolling threaded spindle (PWG). The technology used in the SERAC® electric cylinders is based on the ASCA servo spindle.


ASCA servo spindle
The ASCA servo spindle combines the functions of planetary gears with those of a linear spindle. The combination of these two functions leads to a significant reduction in the installation space and weight of a drive axis.


SERAC® electric cylinder
These completely redesigned servo linear drives utilise the many advantages of an ASCA servo spindle. The high level of dynamism is a typical feature among the many advantages provided by the SERAC® electric cylinders. In many applications, they are increasingly replacing hydraulic solutions that were previously used.

Increase productivity. Reduce energy costs. Electric drive system from Ortlieb.


Shorter cycle time, fast positioning using direct drive equipment, no oscillation in control circuit.

More efficient

Energy costs can be reduced by up to 80% compared to hydraulic drive systems.


Electrical drive systems from Ortlieb are very quiet – your workforce will thank you.

More durable

High quality standards and our own production facility made in Germany guarantee top-class quality and a long service life.

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