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A focus on our customers remains today – as it was in the past – the basis of our entrepreneurial activity in the product fields of clamping technology and drive technology. Our international customers benefit from the continuous development of all areas of company expertise, with the aim of ensuring that current and future market needs are met as far as possible. However, Ortlieb does not merely aim to respond to the expectations of the market but sees itself as a driver of innovation today just as it did back then.

The right strategy for the future.

Ortlieb sees itself as a company that has excelled since it was founded due to a variety of groundbreaking, innovative products. But Ortlieb is not content to rest on its laurels and is already thinking of tomorrow, making long-term strategic decisions to be as well prepared as possible to deal with future challenges. In order to remain an innovative market leader, Ortlieb is investing in a new company building, including a new production area, which is setting new standards in the sector of clamping and drive technology. Our new production facilities allow us to meet ever more demanding customer requirements in terms of quality, flexibility, individuality and shorter delivery times without any difficulty and set new standards. Ortlieb is adopting a pioneering role even when it comes to architecture and technical equipment. With regard to the criterion of energy efficiency, the new company building is one of the most modern industrial constructions ever built in Baden-Württemberg – typical of Ortlieb.

Dr. Dieter Simpfendörfer, Managing Director

Ortlieb – everything from a single source.

Ortlieb offers you long-term synergy effects thanks to its decades of experience and extensive expertise in all aspects of tool/workpiece clamping and drive systems. An extremely wide range of standard products is available to you. We are relentless in our pursuit of process reliability and cost efficiency when developing our custom solutions. We respond to your individual requirements in an expert and rapid manner. A full spectrum of customer services completes our portfolio of offerings. Put us to the test – you won't regret it!

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