Ultra compact models with high power density for limited space applications

With the high control quality of the backlash-free ASCA servo screw, applications with very short cycle times are possible. So SERAC® electric cylinders are suitable for many different uses as a clean alternative to hydraulic cylinders. With the typical slimline design of the SERAC® electric cylinders, it is possible in many cases to replace the hydraulic cylinders in existing systems.

The specific SERAC® system advantages offer new options for many different applications

  • Maximum power density due to small screw leads
  • Screw lead selectable in 1 mm steps, so good adaptability to the application
  • Direct power transmission of the ASCA servo screw without additional gears, so good variability and high dynamics
  • Long life through the use of a heavy duty screw drive with many force transmission points
  • No axial backlash
  • ASCA servo screw subject to slip, so long life even with short strokes
  • Integrated linear travel measurement system for maximum positioning accuracy under load
  • Low noise through the use of the ASCA servo screw without roller resetting
  • Made in Germany


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Why electricity instead of oil?

  • Precise control (force, position)
  • Greater flexibility thanks to intermediate positioning
  • Shorter set-up times
  • Lower energy consumption (up to 80%)
  • Reduced cycle time (up to 50%)
  • No leaks and no need to dispose of hydraulic oil

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