DriveManager 5

With the DriveManager PC user software, parameter adjustments and fine tuning can be carried out during commissioning. The user has access to all the main parameters.
At the same time the DriveManager with cockpit and 6-channel oscilloscope offers extremely good diagnosis options and support with project management.

The servo controller can be controlled via either the most popular field bus systems or an integrated PLC to IEC 61131 or analog and digital inputs.

Parameter set
For quick and easy commissioning of the drive, the servo controllers are equipped before delivery with a parameter set tailored to SERAC® drives. It contains the motor data, the encoder parameter settings and a basic setting for the controller.

After connection to the field bus system of the installation, the many different drive functions can then be obtained by a few adjustments to the parameter set.

New Help system

  • DriveManager 5 Help
  • Device Help for ServoOne single-axis system and ServoOne junior
  • The Help is implemented in DriveManager 5
  • It is also available separately as a chm or pdf file under "Downloads"

Cable sets
SERAC® drives are connected to the "ServoOne" servo system by preassembled power and encoder cables.
Compatible cable sets for connection to many different makes of servo controller are also available.

Other accessories for the LTi servo controller
With line chokes, brake resistors and line filters compatible with the ServoOne servo system, all the components for a complete drive package are available


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Download manuals at LTi Motion

Efficiently integrated.

Always the best solution for a number of drive tasks.

AC single axis system
With mains connection of 1/3 x 230 V to 3x 480 V.


DC multi-axis system
With sine wave regenerative supply units with 26 – 360 kW.


Power supply unit
Sine wave regenerative supply unit with 26 – 360 kW.


High-performance motor control
For the precise and dynamic movement of various linear and rotary motor systems.


Integrated functional safety
Ensures protection of persons directly in the drive controller.


iPlc integrated in accordance with IEC 61131
Enables rapid adaptation to the application with direct access to the drive controller peripheral devices.


High-speed communication
Through a wide variety of profile-compliant fieldbus connections (EtherCAT, Sercos II & III, ProfiNet IRT, CANopen, etc.).


Extensive PC software
For planning, commissioning and programming multi-axle drive systems.


Coordinated software functions
With MotionControl functionality for every application.


Compact size
For optimum switching cabinet utilisation.


Flexible cooling concepts
In air or fluid-cooled designs.


HF function package
For rotating field frequencies of up to 1600 Hz.


EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.

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