The Tool Gripper for Hollow Taper Shank Interface DIN 69893/69063 ISO 12164-0/12164-2

The Ortlieb HSK-tool grippers are the basis for safe and reliable clamping of HSK-tools. For the first time it is possible to offer maintenance-free tool grippers by the use of ceramic on the functional surfaces in connection with a wear-resistant hard coating. After a one-time initial lubrication the tool gripper is clamping up to 3 mio. cycles without loosing any clamping force.

The permitted clamping force is up to 200 % (HSK A50) higher than the by the standard DIN 69893/69063 recommended minimum clamping force. This ensures a safe tool clamping also at high loadand high rotation speed.

Intelligent designed mounting fixtures are assuring shortest mounting or changing time for the tool grippers. The Ortlieb HSK-tool grippers are available in two product lines: the ToolGrip HSK and UniGrip HSK. Specially the ToolGrip HSK is convincing by compact dimensions, a simple and main­tenance-friendly design and a large coolant passage (HSK A63 up to Ø 14 mm).



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